News & Media News International Hotel Group Real Hotels & Resorts Ensures Consistent Customer Experience with Saba Cloud

International Hotel Group Real Hotels & Resorts Ensures Consistent Customer Experience with Saba Cloud

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.-January 11th, 2016- Saba, a global leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management solutions, today announced Real Hotels & Resorts has deployed Saba Cloud to support its talent management strategy for 3,000 employees across the United States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Saba Cloud is instrumental in supporting learning and development, collaboration and career growth among its employees.

With a growing collection of hotels, Real Hotels & Resorts needed a technology platform that could connect its geographically dispersed workforce, grow leaders within the organization and deliver on its mission of quality customer care.

Real Hotels & Resorts chose the Saba Cloud platform to connect, develop and empower their employees and meet business objectives. They also teamed with Saba's partner, DESISA Consultores for training, configuration, set up, and "train the trainer" coaching of local HR administrators in each hotel or hotel group to accelerate rollout and results.

Since going live with Saba Cloud in August of 2015, Real Hotels & Resorts has reinforced their culture of customer experience excellence by improving the way they manage employee objectives and goals, and enhancing collaboration and employee development efforts.

"The unified capabilities of Saba Cloud are all geared towards the identification and personalized development of high potential employees," said Margarita Brenes, Human Resources Corporate Director at Real Hotels & Resorts. "We are excited to see how Saba Cloud will contribute to the advancement of our internal talent, and we're especially pleased that our employees can self-manage their career objectives and goals within Saba, allowing us to foster better engagement and encourage accountability at all levels."

Saba's intelligent talent management platform helps ensure a more meaningful way to unite employees' goals with corporate objectives. It continually delivers personalized and engaging recommendations on the courses, context and contacts that will best help each person in the organization succeed and advance.

"It's inspirational to see companies like Real Hotels & Resorts connect their people around a culture of development and individual advancement," said Paige Newcombe, Chief Customer Success Officer at Saba. "Having an engaged and advancing workforce that is united in customer experience excellence is a win for Real Hotels & Resorts, their employees, and of course their customers."

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