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Halogen Customers See Their Talent Like They've Never Seen it Before

Latest Halogen TalentSpace™ release delivers powerful insight into organizational health and performance with Halogen Talent View™ and reporting enhancements

Washington, D.C. - Halogen Customer Conference - September 11, 2014 - Unveiled today at the Halogen Software (TSX: HGN) Customer Conference, the latest release of the Halogen TalentSpace™ suite gives customers insights into their talent like never before. Halogen's new Talent View™ offering goes beyond the traditional organizational chart interface to offer unique and instant visibility into an organization's health and performance. The release also includes enhancements to the Halogen reporting framework that simplify how customers report on and correlate data across all their talent management programs.

Halogen Talent View™

Unlike conventional organizational charts, Halogen Talent View provides customers with one view of both their organizational structure and health. It uses dynamic filtering and highlighting to alert customers about critical indicators that matter to their business, such as:

  • Which employees are retention risks?
  • Who are the high and low performers across departments, divisions and the company?
  • Who are potential successors and where is there a weak talent pipeline?
  • Where are there compensation discrepancies?
  • Which employees (departments, divisions) have goals that are on or off track?
  • Who's giving and getting feedback?

Customers can drill down on any exceptions they see and quickly take appropriate actions. All the data related to their talent programs is made available in one easy to navigate workspace.

"Halogen Talent View goes way beyond any org chart we've ever seen before," said Tia Smith, Senior Manager, HR, OHL. "The ability to visually see in an organizational or departmental view, who our top performers are, how aligned goals are, how strong or weak our talent pipeline is, is very compelling. It allows us to do much more than simply navigate a directory."

Here's an example of how Halogen Talent View™ can be used to get insight and take action on goals at risk:

Updated Reporting Capabilities

Halogen's enhanced reporting framework allows administrators, executives and managers to report and correlate data across recruiting, performance, learning, succession and compensation to get a high level view or the in-depth detail required to improve talent decisions. The framework can be used to produce a variety of compelling graphical reports for sharing with internal stakeholders, and provide improved year over year and comparative data visualization.

"These reporting framework enhancements will create great time savings for us in terms of talent management reporting," said Jamie O'Brien, Talent Development Specialist, Kansas City Southern. "As a data driven organization, we're able to better look at metrics across all of our processes to optimize them, and to more accurately assess what is on or off track for things like goals, development plans and overall talent management reporting."

Here's an example of how the Halogen TalentSpace reporting framework can be used to view the level and frequency of feedback and recognition within the organization:

Halogen works closely with customers on new features and product enhancements, so these new updates are not only part of Halogen's commitment to continuous improvement of the TalentSpace suite, but are designed to address the specific business needs of its clients.

"HR leaders want to provide their executives, line managers and employees with talent management solutions that are easy to use, and that deliver important talent information real time when and where they want it, so that the company can perform better," said Dawn MacKay, VP, Product Management, Halogen Software. "Our enhanced reporting framework and Talent View are helping our customers do just that. They'll have insight and a view into their talent that they've never had before, in order to improve alignment, boost engagement and performance and make better decisions."

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