News & Media News Employees Learn Through Trial-By-Fire as 57 Percent Receive Training Through "On-the-Job" Experience

Employees Learn Through Trial-By-Fire as 57 Percent Receive Training Through "On-the-Job" Experience

Saba Global Leadership Survey Identifies Significant Learning Gaps in the Workplace

Redwood City, CA - July 13, 2015 - Saba, a leading global provider of cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solutions, released additional findings from its spring Global Leadership Survey today that identifies a lack of planned and consistent career development training. In fact, it found the majority of employees (57 percent) are getting training from "on the job" experience.

Even more concerning, the survey found that a mere 13 percent of companies worldwide invest in talent management programs to further employees' growth and career path. For those companies that are providing training, only 35 percent are offering career development opportunities online.

"Understandably, companies are focused on bottom line growth and results. Unfortunately, many organizations don't consider the career development of their employees a part of that growth equation - but they should," said Emily He, Chief Marketing Officer at Saba. "Not only is talent management and training an integral part of workforce development, it's proven to be a driving factor in the long-term growth and success of an organization."

According to a 2014 Bersin by Deloitte study, "Companies that fall into the "high-impact" categories spend significantly more on training than average. So companies who invest in a total learning and development (L&D) strategy spend more per employee than those who are inconsistent. This shows that L&D spending pays off."[1]

A growing millennial base within the workforce should also be a consideration for companies today," said Dan Schwabel, Founder of "The survey found that a majority of the millennial generation (55 percent) are the most aggressive in seeking out development opportunities in their organization. This is a population that generally is more comfortable in learning and tracking their career development online."

Some companies like Dell are leading the charge in supporting the growth and development of their workforce through flexible and user-friendly online programs designed to personalize the career development trajectory of each and every employee.

Dell, a Saba customer for four years, is using the cloud-based platform to power its Educate Dell initiative, available to 475,000 staff, partners and Dell Customers.

"Every end user wants a unique experience, customized just for them, whether you're a Millennial, a Gen X or you're a baby boomer like myself, you want to feel that user experience is designed specifically for you," said Charles Atkins, Director of Global Learning and Development, Dell. "Now we have a true management system in place with Saba that is relevant for our end users."

"Saba is helping us transform our learning by making it more simple and personalized," said Sydney Savion, Global Learning Officer, Global Support and Deployment Learning & Development, Dell. "Saba technology gives us the ability to measure the learning, aligning it to industry standards and providing global, 24/7 availability."

For more on Dell's successful approach to powering on the job learning, see video here:

"Our work with progressive organizations like Dell are clear examples of companies that are getting it right," added He. "If there ever was a secret ingredient to the overall growth and long-term success of an organization, it's an investment in the skills and education of the workforce."

[1] 2013 Bersin by Deloitte

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