“69% of workers said they would work harder if they felt their efforts were recognized” - Global Tracker, 2012

To thrive in today’s business climate, your organization needs the most from your people, every day. Creating performance reviews with Saba Performance@Work increases employee engagement through more relevant performance feedback and drives growth and productivity by supporting pay-for-performance initiatives.

In this Effective Performance Review How-To Kit you will learn how Saba Performance@Work establishes processes that increase employee engagement while eliminating the hassles associated with performance management.

Key takeaways include:

  • Creating and linking goals to objectives so your employees are aligned with your business strategy.
  • Writing accurate, effective reviews with easy access to cascading goals and 360-degree feedback.
  • Simplifying the performance review process with dashboard and reports for both managers and HR.
  • Enabling peer recognition, badges, and feedback to boost performance and engagement.
  • Rewarding top performers and developing employee skills and competencies.
  • Connecting on the go. Set goals and write reviews from your smartphone or tablet.

Download and make performance review headaches a thing of the past!