Are We There Yet? How Learning Is Moving from a Learner-Centered Model to a Relationship-Centered Model

Social media has become a fixture in many of our lives. For proof, look no further than the more than 1 billion active Facebook users, 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute and 175 million professionals on LinkedIn.

How can the enterprise and Chief Learning Officers harness the collaborative and interactive nature of these platforms for learning? It's not as simple as plugging a social tool into a corporate Learning Management System (LMS).

The Key Is to Match the Tool with the Challenge at Hand

As we enter a period where social media technologies are routinely integrated into learning platforms, the research brief “The Evolution of Social Learning” examines how we arrived here, what it means for learning, and how to best leverage the tools available. Download it now and discover:

  • The evolution of learning
  • The difference between social learning and social media
  • Why social is important
  • Current trends in social learning technology
  • Social learning challenges
  • Social learning in action

In short, the real key is to look at social technology less as a series of singular tools and technologies, but instead as the sum of all (or a combination of some) of these parts. The sum will always be greater than the parts when it comes to social technologies, because each of the pieces works together to create a unique learning environment.