Webinar a pedido - Employee Engagement: A Culture “To Do” or a Performance Driver?

Higher productivity. Improved retention. Increased revenue.

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If talent management is what drives these critical business imperatives, employee engagement is the accelerator that helps organizations achieve more, better, and faster. So how can talent leaders turn employee engagement from a fuzzy item on their “to do list” to an integrated, performance-driven business initiative?

In this webinar Industry experts Michael Rochelle and Daria Friedman from Brandon Hall Group will take you through key findings from their 2016 Employee Engagement Study, and provide expert coaching on how you can start to:

  • Reframe your perspective on employee engagement - from an employee sentiment tool to a business performance accelerator
  • Leverage engagement to create the link between employee development and individual and business performance
  • Supercharge your workforce effectiveness by integrating employee engagement into your talent management strategies and practices