Estudio de caso - East Renfrewshire


East Renfrewshire, one of 32 councils in Scotland, provides services to a population of nearly 90,000 people living in the area. The main aim of the authority is to improve and maintain an attractive, safe local environment, where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from an enhanced quality of life. Learn how this forward-thinking council used Saba to visualize their workforce, providing fast and intuitive access to details on their complex hierarchical structure.

Desafío comercial

The council has 4,500 contracted employees across five different departments: Chief Executive, Community Health and Care Partnership, Education, Environment, and Finance. With a complex hierarchical structure it was difficult to visualize the workforce, and it routinely took two days per quarter for each of the departments to produce organizational charts using PowerPoint. These were of course out of date almost before they were published.

Beneficios comerciales

  • Saves HR time in preparing organizational documents, and provides instant access to HR data to users across the organization
  • Provides senior managers with dynamic visuals that enable them to monitor their departments much more closely, and inform workforce management decisions to streamline services