Estudio de caso - Discovery


Discovery is a leading insurance company based in South Africa with a value of nearly 16.5 billion rand. Discovery provides health insurance, life insurance, wellness programs, investment services, and credit card services. They use Saba to support continuous learning for their growing workforce — while realizing significant ROI and reducing costs by over R 25 million (or 2 million USD).

Desafío comercial

Discovery needed to provide the learning and development needed to a widely distributed workforce; to fully contribute to the company’s success and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Beneficios comerciales

  • Automate the management and reporting of all learning to save time and meet compliance standards
  • Reach 18% more learners while reducing the time devoted to training by 98,559 hours in one year
  • Provide cost savings of R 25.365 million — for an ROI of more than five times the original technology cost
  • Offer a variety of tools for collaboration and contributions to the company’s collective knowledge
  • Enable Discovery to easily produce engaging, interactive learning content in-house at a reduced cost