Saba Cloudプラットフォーム - 新しい業界基準を構築

Sabaのソリューションは、業界パフォーマンスおよびセキュリティ基準を超える、高い規模拡張性、高い信頼性、機能性の拡張が可能なアーキテクチャであるSaba Cloudプラットフォーム上に構築されています。お客様へ年間4回の新機能を提供し、Sabaのmulti-tenant cloudアーキテクチャは急速なイノベーションを実現させます。



The Saba platform is powered by global data center facilities that are highly secure, reliable and scalable with CDN (Content Delivery Network) across the three continents: North America, Europe and Australia.


We’re so confident in the reliability of our cloud platform, that we are the only vendor in the industry to offer a service level agreement of 99.9% uptime.  Our world-class uses multiple tier 1 network carriers, redundant hardware components, meshed network and clustered software components, as well as round the clock end user performance monitoring and alert management across the layers.


We know your talent management solution needs to talk to other systems. Saba makes this easy with a variety of tools to fit your needs including the Saba Marketplace, which provides access to rich set of applications through cloud connectors. Saba’s platform also provides a rich set of out of the box data templates and APIs through Data Integration studio that allows you to import data from any external systems and/or extract data from Saba’s enriched profiles.


Saba’s solution is highly configurable and flexible, so you aren’t locked into customizations when your business needs change.  The platform itself adapts by using dynamic resource allocation, and horizontal and vertical scalability.


Saba has taken a holistic security approach that incorporates our people, policies, technology and compliance to ensure we provide the best end to end security for your data. Saba meets the highest standards set for Cloud security and quality including SSAE-16, AT101, and ISO 27001.