Saba for Financial Services




  • Gain real-time visibility of your team's compliance status
  • Rapidly assign regulatory training leveraging machine learning
  • Build observational checklists
  • Implement high-stakes testing and assessment

Extract operational efficiencies

  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Cut training delivery costs with integrated virtual classrooms and social learning
  • Improve productivity and reduce expenses by delivering learning to the palms of your workforce via mobile
  • Identify and reward your key performers via intelligent compensation recommendations

Deliver exemplary customer service

  • Provide training without taking your support agents off-line
  • Measure, communicate and track customer service goals
  • Respond faster and more accurately with embedded knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Promote social recognition and create a performance culture
  • Improve employee engagement

Identify and develop top talent

  • Discover the best candidates with intelligent recruiting (whether they are external or internal)
  • Provide personalized and intelligent onboarding that allows your new hires to get to value faster than ever
  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd to identify your top performers
  • Provide dynamic succession plans for your key talent
  • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
  • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans

Increase your revenue generated per headcount and shorten time-to-market

  • Launch complex financial products faster across your entire value-chain
  • Develop your employees to cross-sell and upsell
  • Provide just-in-time knowledge to the point of sale via mobile to help improve win rates
  • Motivate your sales team members to deliver results faster

Build an engaged workplace

  • Track personal aspirations and align programs to self-development goals
  • Build social engagement and connectivity with groups, tweets, follower/following
  • Enable knowledge sharing and collaboration with contributions, blogs, real-time collaboration
  • Allow dynamic and peer-to-peer recognition via impressions and badges
  • Motivate interaction and communication internally