Strategy at Work





Saba Planning and Optimization Services

Saba Planning and Optimization Services. Saba helps you understand the learning and talent landscape and guides you as you develop both a framework and a roadmap for achieving quick wins and realizing your long-term strategy.


SabaMAP (Measurement and Alignment Plan). Take advantage of our proven methodology to analyze and understand your current state, articulate your desired future state and define what it will take to help your organization get there, from,your technology and operations, to your people and processes. Learn more

Adoption Planning
Saba Change Readiness & Adoption Planning. Improve organizational and leadership alignment, define a clear stakeholder value plan and realize strategic outcomes and user adoption through better stakeholder analysis, communication planning and delivery, training planning, risk identification and mitigation and leadership alignment. Click here to request service
Upgrade and Expansion Services

Saba Upgrade & Expansion Services. Define, manage and deploy your next-generation solutions, whether you are simply upgrading to the most recent functionality, expanding the footprint of your Saba solution, or changing the processes and the way you work within the newest social, mobile and collaboration technologies.

Cloud Expansion Services

Saba Cloud Migration Services. Realize the benefits of the Saba Cloud with a unique, integrated approach through which a cross-functional team of Saba experts coordinates all migration activities, optimizes your cloud solution and mitigates deployment risk.

Content Development Services

Saba Content Development Services. Extend your content development capabilities and cut costs while delivering the right learning to the right people. Depending on your business needs and available resources, Saba can manage the entire content development project or assist your developers with templates, processes and job aids.