Learning is central to Saba’s talent management platform so it should not come as a surprise that Saba provides you with an extensive library of training and education resources.

The following expertise is part of Train@Work.

Job Aid

Job Aids. Some organizations call them “cheat sheets”, quick reference guides, or step instructions. Saba customers call them indispensable, mission-critical user enablement training tools. Probably our most popular education assets, our job aids offer easy to follow instructions that will support your organization’s users in being successful with your Saba system.

Public Classes

Public Classes. Saba University schedules regular end-user and administrator classes that are open to all Saba customers. These classes are instructor-led web-based classes or available on-demand. Training Calendar


Saba Certification. Saba University has several Saba certification programs for both end-users and administrators. Saba customers can register and pay for these programs at Saba University.

Dedicated Training

Dedicated Training. Saba University can create custom end-user and administrator classes tailored to your specific needs. These classes can be instructor-led either at your office or via the web. Or they can be made available on-demand. Please contact your Saba representative for more information and a price quote.