Saba Learning Suite and Saba Virtual Classroom Hold the Keys to More than 3.7 Million Course Completions to Date

With fierce competition, thin margins and economic pressures, constant focus on operational efficiency and reducing costs are mission-critical for small and medium-size businesses.

Company: Yum! Brands is the umbrella organization for well-known quick-service restaurants including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Its 35,000 restaurants around the world are staffed by more than 1.2 million associates.

Challenge: With an annual employee turnover rate close to 100% in some regions, Yum! Brands realized there was an opportunity to drive greater consistency in the way it prepared employees to work safely and serve customers. Yum! knew it needed a Learning Management System that could meet very specific brand and franchise requirements.

Solution: After weighing the options, Yum! chose Saba's Learning Suite, as well as Saba Virtual Classroom, to help align and educate the Yum! workforce.

The results have been dramatic:

  • Increased workforce productivity using world-class training and learning software.
  • Reduced turnover and improved employee loyalty thanks to strong onboarding.
  • Reduced travel and telecommunications expenses using Virtual Classrooms.

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"The momentum [with Saba] has been terrific. As of April 2011, we have had over 3.7 million course completions, averaging over 12,000 per day, or eight per minute. We expect our numbers to continue to rise."
— Mary Woolf, Director of Learning Technologies, Yum! Brands