Make the Right Choice by Knowing What Really Counts in LMS Management, Pricing and Training!

Saba's Request for Proposal (RFP) template can help you intelligently evaluate learning management systems (LMS). This vendor-neutral, step-by-step guide is ideal for comparing features and functionality, including critera like:
  • LMS functional requirements
  • Reporting architecture & system requirements
  • Pricing, terms, and conditions
  • Quality assurance
  • Security
  • Implementation
  • Services
  • Training references

Download this working document for an overview of the key questions to ask when evaluating any on-demand Learning Application or LMS, such as:

  • Does it bridge the gaps between the creation of instructor-led training material and an organization’s ability to track training records (e.g., online assessments, certification training)?
  • Can it provide web-based training to multiple audiences: employees, customers, and partners?
  • Does it boost training participation by making training available anywhere at any time?
  • Will it decrease overall training costs due to reduced travel expenses for instructors and improved organization of course content?
  • Does it ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by providing up-to-date certification and compliance training?