Learn How to Reduce the Fear of Making a Switch on Your Path to a Better Learning Environment!

In a recent Brandon Hall Group survey of Learning Management System trends, more than 78% of organizations reported using an LMS. Of those organizations, more than 33% said they were looking to upgrade and replace their current technology.

Caveat: Selecting and implementing a replacement learning technology should be taken more seriously than the original LMS implementation. Why? When replacing an LMS, an organization has considerably higher levels of expectation, years of data and content creation to manage and transfer, plus numerous governance groups and stakeholder inputs to consider.

For example, key reporting and security considerations for preparing a new LMS include:

  • Identifying all current reports and assessing their use.
  • Validating the relevance of these reports and their continued value.
  • Identifying reporting gaps (business needs not being met).
  • Assessing new solution provider reporting capabilities and dashboards for their ability to address reporting gaps.
  • Re-thinking security requirements versus security norms.
  • Identifying opportunities for transparency and openness.
  • Producing sample reports and verifying format, layout, location, schedule and drill down requirements before final configurations.

Download the Brandon Hall brief “Replacing Your LMS” and learn these and other key practices to not only minimize the fear of making a transition, but also prepare for a positive experience and enterprise-wide success.