Lower costs and improve workforce productivity with your LMS!

To compete against larger, better-resourced competitors, small and medium-size businesses must maximize money spent and optimize organizational talent.

Saba brings learning management into an easy-to-use, web application that combines the learning, communication, authoring and sharing tools your organization needs to get better!

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  • Accelerate Performance. Automatically create learning plans based on role and other attributes to meet talent needs and improve employee performance.
  • Ensure Compliance. Automate compliance processes and verify that employees have been trained in key industry areas.
  • Increase Social Learning. Make learning continuous by incorporating social features that make sense for your learning programs.
  • Enhance Learner Engagement. Increase engagement with a customizable user experience, allowing learners to easily access their courses and track progress.
  • Easily Manage Content. Whether you buy or build, effortlessly manage e-learning content in AICC, SCORM and even Tin Can formats.
  • Gain insight with analytics. Evaluate programs and demonstrate learning’s business value by linking learning analytics with your company and talent data.
  • Learn Anywhere with Mobile Support. Fully participate in live virtual classrooms or download content for offline access on your iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

Saba People Cloud enables you to address the full spectrum of organizational learning needs on a single, affordable, easy-to-use system that is proven to deliver direct impact on revenues.

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