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@Work 2014: Day 2 – Creating a Simply Irresistible Organization

2014年4月10日, Emily He - @Work 2014: Day 2

The sun came out on Wednesday, giving us an extra of boost of Vitamin D to help kick off Day 2 at @Work 2014.

The morning started with a keynote by Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte. His presentation focused on why building an irresistible organization matters more today than ever before and, what it means to powerfully engage the 21st century workforce throughout the talent management process.

Day .2.8 

Before sharing with us his recommendations on how to create a simply irresistible organization, Josh shared some recent research findings from Deloitte:

More than two-thirds of business leaders today cite “overwhelmed employees” as their top business challenge yet only 9 percent of organizations are attempting to create solutions.

Thoughtfully managing talent and genuinely addressing employee engagement is vital and something that organizations need to tune in to, and urgently address.

As many of us know, the rising millennial workforce is seeking  a career and work environment that is Mobile, Social and flexible. At the same time, organizations must adjust and evolve to meet these expectations because it doesn’t happen over night.  Josh’s message to the audience was that, the simply irresistible organization has to happen now. And they begin, as outlined by Josh, with these five elements:  

1)   Meaningful work gives people jobs with enough autonomy to be creative and enough time to perform well.

2)   Good management – People thrive on coaching, feedback and opportunities to develop.

3)   Flexibility and inclusion –Work environments should allow employees to feel accepted—a trend that began in high tech/ start up culture, but has yet to proliferate into other industries.

4)   Growth opportunities – Companies that invest more in training, career development and mobility often outperform their competitors.

5)   Trust in leadership – Increasingly, senior executives are realizing that core values of trust, consciousness and soul must start at the top. 

Josh’s presentation was a perfect lead in for the demonstration that followed by Saba’s Hemanth Puttaswamy and his product team. Ben Willis had the crowd cheering with multiple new product updates, from a workaround to pop-up blockers (who knew!), to the launch of Saba Marketplace and improved Mobile experiences for users. By now, you’ve also heard about TIM (the intelligent mentor); Ben and Hemanth provided additional details about how the predictive capabilities built into Saba Cloud not only improve workflows, but also learn with user activity, creating a tailored experience similar to that of Netflix and Amazon.

Day 2.6

And since there’s always something unexpected when we all get together, we brought an alligator on to the stage to wrap up the keynote!   

Sessions picked up right where they left off yesterday with customer’s sharing  compelling examples of how they are transforming their workforce to become simply irresistible, attracting and retaining the top talent. I heard from Under Armour, who, by adopting Saba Cloud, is now able to scale as planned to become a $3 billion Company by 2015. Meanwhile, Kimberly-Clark has been using Saba Cloud to unify their global workforce, launching cross-office “jam” sessions to address key employee needs. These were only two of the 40+ sessions we’ve had the privilege to attend.

Lastly, we are very happy to celebrate the nine customers who received 2014 Customer Excellence Awards for their achievements in talent management with Saba. The winners were recognized on Tuesday.  

I’m excited for the final day of @Work 2014 on Thursday and look forward to the final general session, a great customer executive panel, which starts at 8:30 am. See you there!