The Saba Cloud Summer Release is Here!

Growing leaders with continuous coaching and personalized development

The Saba Cloud 2015 Summer Release is here, focused on enabling our customers to grow leaders faster with continuous coaching and personalized development.  This release is packed with new and updated capabilities, but here are some of the key updates:


Enable informal peer/manager assessment of skill levels at anytime

With the new "skill feedback" capability, employees can now reach out to peers or managers at any time to seek feedback and ratings around their skills – enabling employees to know where they stand and where to focus.


Cultivate specific leadership characteristics with custom badges and feedback

Building onto the badges and impressions that Saba has always supported, organizations can now create custom badges that can be awarded by peers to recognize and encourage growth across specific behaviors or skills. Managers can now view both public impressions and private feedback for better visibility and coaching.


Monitor and support new-hire performance with off-cycle performance reviews

Saba Cloud now enables off-cycle performance reviews (such as 30, 60, and 90 day reviews for new hires) to improve onboarding and consistently monitor progress of new employees.  This provides managers with a formal process to check-in with new employees, discuss goals and progress, and coach them as needed.  It also enables HR to measure new hire quality and effectiveness of onboarding programs.


Provide anytime feedback with mobile performance reviews

Saba Cloud Mobile now supports performance reviews, providing convenient, anytime access to employees, managers, and peers to view, fill out, and approve reviews.  And as always, the mobile client continues to support badges and impressions, enabling feedback to be provided on the spot.


"Scan and learn" with new QR/bar code search capabilities - driving mobile, on-the-job learning with instant access to content, connections and information

The new QR/bar code search capability within Saba Cloud Mobile enables faster access to key learning resources, content, information, and connections – empowering leaders with the information they need to get things done. Simply open the Saba Cloud Mobile client, click the QR/bar code search icon, and scan the code to get access to the exact set of information you need, when you need it, without searching.