Coaching and Personalized Development

A good coach will help employees make sense of the chaos and stay productive.  With functionality to train and support coaches and even enable employees to self-coach, Saba Cloud makes the coaching process more efficient and effective.

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My Team Dashboard

lms learning management system

The My Team dashboard helps managers keep up with their team. At a glance, see who’s on target and who’s behind. Drill down on individual plans to get details and find coaching opportunities.

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Video and Web Meetings

saba Video and Web Meetings

Not all coaching sessions have to be in person. Retain that face-to-face interaction for remote employees with Saba Meeting, using either a PC or mobile device.  

Groups and Workspaces

saba Groups and Workspaces

Track commitments and continue conversations outside live coaching sessions with social groups and workspaces.


Recommendations saba software

An important part of coaching is helping employees discover options and then choose the best. Using machine learning algorithms within Saba Cloud, TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, uncovers many new options in the form of personalized recommendations of courses, content and connections. 

Mobile Coaching

saba Mobile Coaching

Getting a little assistance in the moment of need will boost performance. In addition to helping connect coaches and employees in real time, Saba Mobile provides quick access to information and experts, so employees stay on track and project stay on schedule.

Career Paths

Recommendations saba software

Empower employees to explore careers and build their own development plans with Career Paths. They can explore on their own and then look for specific coaching and assignments from their manager.  

Coaching Certification

saba Mobile Coaching

Developing a Coaching Certification will not only ensure quality coaching, but also give your coaches the recognition they deserve. As with any learning program, Saba Learning@Work simplifies the creation and ongoing management of your coaching program.


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