Saba for Education

Providing superior engaging e-learning to replicate the’ live’ classroom experience

The way we teach and learn is being transformed by the learners themselves and it is incumbent upon us to provide rich, engaging learning environments that facilitate the flexible, multi-dimensional learning experiences demanded by learners in the 21st Century. Get to the core of teaching and learning with the most advanced tool set for social, informal, collaborative and virtual learning. Flip the classroom — extend the learning experience beyond place and time where 80% of learning happens, naturally!


Innovative pedagogy

  • Transform your approach to teaching and engage learners with interactive, immersive programs that include social-informal, collaborative, virtual and mobile learning
  • Support strategies including the flipped classroom and problem-based learning
  • Build centers of learning that are driven by student-created and curated content
  • Support state and federal standards including Common Core and standardized testing
  • Easily track student and class progress and intervene with objective evidence and plans
  • Standardize lesson plans and include content from traditional providers
  • Differentiate instruction with TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, machine intelligence that provides each learner with personal recommendations on classes, content and experts
  • Set up comprehensive assessment strategies and draw test items from a randomized question bank

Professional development

  • Provide comprehensive professional development to your faculty with approaches that drive goal attainment, motivate with social rewards and provide ongoing coaching and development
  • Accelerate achievement with innovative social and collaboration tools that make intelligent recommendations about content, ideas, and people that boost productivity
  • Gain evidence-based performance data to support meaningful, objective development conversations and the accurate identification and reward of top performance
  • Set and track certification requirements and continuing education credits
  • Create communities of practice to enhance collegial collaboration and sharing of best practices

Comprehensive administration

  • Implement across your school district or system and create as many unique portals as required to provide differentiated experiences by site or even department
  • Integrate with popular education applications including student information systems, gradebooks and scheduling systems
  • Generate reports for course attendance, completions, testing, and many other areas to meet compliance and funding requirements at the district, state and federal levels
  • Convincingly demonstrate compliance with relevant areas of FERPA, NCLB and AARA
  • Significantly reduce time spent on administrative minutia and focus instead on student engagement

Effective learning

  • Learn your way, anytime, anyplace that works for you. Connect through the web for learning experiences that may include a range of documents, videos, e-learning modules, live virtual classes and peer-to-peer discussions, all accessible via mobile devices
  • Personalize your learning environment to suit your preferences and interests
  • Get a comprehensive view of your progress, accomplishments and upcoming requirements
  • Get timely reminders and prompts on due dates and other requirements
  • Collaborate with peers, teachers and identified experts to grow your knowledge
  • Create a living portfolio of your learning journey and share as you desire
  • Lead your own learning groups, create and curate content, and become an expert