Saba for Retail

Onboard faster, delight customers and provide more revenue per square foot

Faced with relentless competition and razor-thin margins, retailers are looking to delight customers, raise same-store sales and grow rapidly in new markets. With Saba, retailers can find and quickly on board talent, accelerate product launches and new store openings, ensure consistent quality of service and reduce attrition. Engage with employees and franchisees across the globe, in real time, over mobile and on-the-job, to improve product knowledge, to up-sell and cross-sell, and to enhance customer service.


Recruit better, on board faster, train on-the-Job

  • Leverage machine learning technology to search for great internal and external candidates
  • Tap social networks to find the right candidate - active or passive
  • Blend virtual classes and e-Learning with on-the-job training, and deliver to in-store kiosks or tablets with edge-of-the-cloud distribution performance
  • Managers can use observation checklists on mobile devices for on-the-job assessments
  • Intelligent recommendations drive personalized training plans to close skill gaps rapidly

Accelerate growth and drive consistency across the globe

  • Deliver consistent, high-quality and standardized training to a large, geographically dispersed and multi-lingual workforce
  • Roll out new SOPs faster than ever, across employees, partners and franchisees
  • Facilitate enhanced real-time communication and collaboration
  • Report on readiness in real time on a global, regional or store level
  • Deliver rich content anywhere, anytime with edge-of-the-cloud distribution for no added cost

Sell more, launch faster, improve customer service

  • Use blended programs and rich media simulations to deliver scenario based training for up-sell/cross-sell and customer service via kiosks and tablets
  • Use social recognition and gamification to drive great customer experiences in real time without waiting for annual review cycles
  • Launch products faster with virtual classes and informal content supported by blogs, knowledge bases and communities to help answer questions in real time
  • Respond faster and more accurately with embedded knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Crowd source innovative solutions

Effective learning

  • Learn your way, anytime, anyplace that works for you. Connect through the web for learning experiences that may include a range of documents, videos, e-learning modules, live virtual classes and peer-to-peer discussions, all accessible via mobile devices
  • Personalize your learning environment to suit your preferences and interests
  • Get a comprehensive view of your progress, accomplishments and upcoming requirements
  • Get timely reminders and prompts on due dates and other requirements
  • Collaborate with peers, teachers and identified experts to grow your knowledge
  • Create a living portfolio of your learning journey and share as you desire
  • Lead your own learning groups, create and curate content, and become an expert

Identify and nurture top talent

  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd to identify your top performers
  • Let TIM (The Intelligent Mentor) help you discover your leaders
  • Build dynamic succession plans for your key talent
  • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
  • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans