Témoinage Client - Countrywide


Countrywide PLC provides services across the entire real estate chain throughout Scotland, Wales and England; they depend on a learning platform that ensures consistent adherence to complex compliance ordinances.

Défi métier

The Countrywide business is supported by a team of more than 14,000 professionals working in more than 500 offices. The company needed a platform that supported the heavy amount of regulation in their industry with an easy-to-access e-learning format.

Avantages métier

Saba Cloud allows Countrywide to capture and share the breadth of its team’s expertise and skills across its diverse staff. They have transformed their business from a sales-focused to a people-focused business, driving measurably better engagement and skills development, which are helping them build their business. Saba drives collaboration and leadership across the organization so that every employee can leverage the “native genius” of the Countrywide team.