Témoinage Client - AdvantEdge


AdvantEdge has met the challenges of blending the corporate cultures of acquired companies and supplying more timely, consistent training to its growing workforce worldwide.

Défi métier

Provide a better way to blend together the corporate cultures of acquired companies and deliver timely, consistent training to a global workforce to support strong, dynamic growth

Avantages métier

  • Deliver training that’s consistent worldwide, rather than varying from one regional operations center to another
  • Save thousands of dollars by enabling AdvantEdge to provide training about system, coding, or other changes promptly and efficiently, without the need for costly outside training resources
  • Reduce management time devoted to tactical employee training by 20% — time that is now invested in performance enhancement
  • Provide a platform that in Phase II will become even more dynamic and engaging —essential for improving employee competency and professional development