Saba Customer Community

More than 20 public groups and 4000 members are currently active on Saba Online Community, where members engage in exchanging exchange advice and best practices, as well as generating group learning and innovation through discussions, networking, brainstorming and live or asynchronous collaboration.

Product Insights

This engaging new platform is powered by Saba Cloud, our Social Enterprise Solution that is designed to engage, develop and inspire the people you work with. Our community enables Saba customers to collaborate in forums with product experts from Saba, our  partners and other customers around learn the best ways to enable their people-centric enterprise. Keep up with the latest product announcements while sharing your own valuable insights with the community to contribute to the evolution of Saba’s solutions.  

Networking and Special Interest Groups

Thanks to the vast expertise and collective knowledge of its members, the Saba Online Community is about creating connections and opportunities. Members exchange ideas and practical application of innovative practices in the fields of learning, performance, web conferencing and enterprise collaboration. Networking in the community includes support for Saba regional user groups, as well as special interest groups by industry. Customers around the globe ask and answer questions through asynchronous discussions. Other customers use the integrated Saba Meeting tool to launch live online web meetings and share their desktops, slides, audio and video. Customer groups advise their peers, facilitate the sharing of best practices and address their challenges and successes in implementing people systems.

Search, Post, Tag, Share.

The Saba Online Community is available on the cloud and accessible from any browser and through native iOS and Android apps. Members use it to share documents, taking advantage of customizable security settings to share key files with their peer network, whether sharing with one, two, ten individuals, a private networking group or even the whole community. The Saba Online Community serves as an archive of important documents only available to Saba customers and partners, including documentation, newsletters, videos, meeting minutes, roadmaps, customer and Saba presentations delivered at Saba Events (including the Saba Global Annual Summit). Members search for keywords, browse tags, or post questions to find the files, links, resources and discussions on their topic of interest all available with sophisticated version control from the cloud.

Join the Community:

  1. Go to: 
  2. Click Sign Up Here to quickly enter your information.
  3. Fill out your Name, Email, and Time Zone and read the Terms and Conditions.
  4. All Done! You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  5. If you have any questions, email our community manager, Deirdre Yee, at for any and all community-related questions!

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