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Analyze, Visualize & Improve Employee Engagement with the Saba Cloud Fall Release!

octobre 18, 2015, Rocky Mitarai - Employee engagement is not a new topic – employers have been chasing it for over a decade, trying to figure out how to measure and improve it. However, in a booming economy, engagement becomes more critical than ever as companies struggle to retain their top talent.

According to Gartner, measuring the root causes of lower engagement can enable actions that reduce attrition, improve productivity and enhance workforce effectiveness (1). On the flip side - organizations that are not continuously reviewing potential areas of disengagement and proactively addressing them are at risk of losing their talent when competitors come poaching.

Despite the importance of measuring engagement, many HR teams struggle with the talent analytics tools and processes necessary to make this happen. Deloitte recently found that only 8% of HR professionals believe their organization is “strong” in the area of talent analytics (2). Clearly, the market is ready for a new solution.

The Saba Cloud Fall Release focuses on enabling easier ways to measure employee engagement, benchmark it against other companies, visualize it for planning, and use that data to retain top talent. While there are many things in the Fall Release that enable this, and improve the overall experience for our customers across the suite, below are the top new capabilities that will help our customers analyze, visualize, and improve employee engagement.


Saba Benchmark - Get real-time views of your employee engagement and where you stand versus peers

Measuring employee engagement is generally not easy. Annual employee surveys have been the traditional tool for measuring engagement, but are expensive, difficult to deploy, and only measure a point in time that quickly becomes outdated. Also, even if engagement levels seem acceptable, there still may a problem if engagement levels are lower than industry peers.

Saba Benchmark provides a growing library of out-of-the-box dashboards capturing your key talent metrics, and benchmarks them in real time against industry peers. The engagement dashboard will surface key indicators of how engaged your employees are in real-time, including employee recognition levels, performance data, and pulse survey data on individual, management and company sentiment. As always, TIM, The Intelligent Mentor™, is available to drill down into hot spots and recommend next steps.


Planning@Work: Leverage engagement metrics to model and improve organizational alignment

Organizations naturally grow and change as their business evolves, but the rapid pace of that change means that aligning the organizational structure correctly can be challenging - especially when trying to maintain employee morale and retain the key talent to keep the organization moving ahead.

Saba’s workforce planning and modeling solution now leverages Saba Cloud data more effectively, enabling engagement metrics (recognition, performance, satisfaction and more) to be visualized in the context of the organizational hierarchy. This enables HR teams and managers to not only spot issues, but model the potential impact to morale when restructuring teams, enabling more effective organizational planning.


Compensation@Work: Provide clear and continuous visibility into total rewards

A key to driving employee engagement is ensuring that employees feel valued. With the ever present threat of competitors stealing top talent away, it is critical for organizations to invest in their employees – but also help employees quantify the value of those investments. It is easy to understand base salary or wages, but what about retirement plan contributions, free or subsidized meals, or gym memberships? While your organization may be investing, employees may not feel it is a reward without more clarity.

Compensation@Work now enables you to provide a clear and comprehensive view of the total rewards invested in them and their value. Infographic-like comp statements, total rewards letters and an always-available dashboard go beyond base salary and can include paid time off, meals, external training and other benefits unique to your organization — associating each of these with a clear monetary value.

These are the top new features to help our customers analyze, visualize, and improve employee engagement, ultimately helping to drive employee effectiveness and retention. This is not a comprehensive list of new capabilities, so please reach out to us here to learn more about what’s new with Saba Cloud! The above Compensation@Work capabilities are available today. Planning@Work and an initial set of Benchmark capabilities will be available next month. Saba Customers, don’t forget to check out the training and documentation for our releases in the Customer Community!


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