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David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Research. He's best known for this research on people analytics, the future of work, and reporting on human capital to boards. He has presented his work around the world, including conferences in New York, London, Dubai, and Tokyo. Most notably he's spoken at the World Bank in Paris on the topic of reporting on human capital.

He has published in People + Strategy magazine, HR.com, TLNT.com and his Harvard Business Review online piece on leadership with Wanda Wallace topped the most popular list for many weeks. His co-authored book Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond employment (now available in Chinese) is still the best book on the gig economy. He also collaborated with Ed Lawler and Chris Worley on the book Management Reset.

In his personal life he has traveled extensively, sometimes to places that no longer exist in the same way: Syria before the war, Romania just after the revolution, and Nepal when cars were rarely seen. He's also enjoyed places that are still emerging, Aceh after the tsunami, Cambodia after the wars, and South Africa after apartheid.

David has an MBA from the University of Western Ontario and a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry from McMaster University. He's won the Walker Award from HRPS and been made a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence-based Management.

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