Saba for Life Sciences

Address risk and regulatory challenges, out-think and out pace the competition, extract operational efficiencies, identify and develop top talent

Some of the world’s most respected life sciences companies depend on Saba for their learning and talent management programs. From our industry-leading validation processes; to our truly integrated social, collaborative and mobile solutions; and to our transformative approaches to identifying and developing your next generation of leaders, we’re here to help you succeed. Let us show you how.


  • Gain real-time visibility of your team's compliance status
  • Rapidly assign regulatory training leveraging machine learning
  • Build observational checklists
  • Implement high-stakes testing and assessment

Support your validation requirements

  • The industry’s most sophisticated cloud based validation program
  • Developed to meet and exceed GxP standards for validated environments
  • Regular third-party verification

Identify and develop top talent

  • Discover the best candidates with intelligent recruiting (whether they are external or internal)
  • Provide personalized and intelligent onboarding that allows your new hires to get to value faster than ever
  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd to identify your top performers
  • Provide dynamic succession plans for your key talent
  • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
  • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans

Accelerate learning and development

  • Engage learners with interactive, immersive programs that include social, collaborative, virtual and mobile learning
  • Upskill and reskill your employees to meet the changing needs of your evolving workplace
  • Make learning proactive with TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, who tracks activity across the Saba Cloud and provides each learner with personal, relevant recommendations on classes, content and experts
  • Use observational checklist to record performance based learning requirements
  • Comprehensively monitor certification status so staff can manage compliance requirements
  • Access to performance support at the point of work to enhance learning and application of critical regulations and procedures

Elevate performance and engagement every day

  • Empower managers with team management tools that drive goal attainment, motivate with social rewards, and provide ongoing coaching and development
  • Accelerate achievement with innovative social and collaboration tools that enhance teamwork and make intelligent recommendations about content, ideas, and people that boost productivity
  • Use evidence-based performance data to support meaningful, objective development conversations and the accurate identification and reward of top performance
  • Set, align and track goals so each employee understands the corporate strategy and their role in its realization
  • Reduce cost with increased productivity and lower turnover