Saba für Fluggesellschaften

Compliance durchsetzen, Kosten senken sowie Sicherheit und Kundenservice optimieren

In Anbetracht des wettbewerbsintensiven Marktumfelds und des gesteigerten Sicherheits- und Umweltbewusstseins müssen Fluggesellschaften ihre Luftflotten und der Betriebsabläufe schnell aufwerten und den Fluggästen ein ansprechendes Kundenerlebnis bieten. Saba hilft Fluggesellschaften, umgehend Effizienzsteigerungen zu realisieren, den Kundenservice zu verbessern und für Compliance mit den ständig neuen Vorschriften zu sorgen. Durch die Einbindung von Mitarbeitern in aller Welt in Echtzeit und über Mobilgeräte beschleunigen Sie den Wissensaustausch und die Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen.

Customer Success

Saba supports CAE’s vision to be the partner of choice for customers operating in complex, mission-critical environments by providing the most innovative modeling and simulation-based solutions to enhance safety, improve efficiency and help solve challenging problems. CAE delivers civil...

Saba enables KLM to deliver consistent training to 33,000 employees and supports its commitment to provide a world class travel experience to over 135 destinations worldwide!
Saba enabled them to standardize training, cut costs and increase employee performance.

Virgin Atlantic uses Saba to create a learner-centric culture for its over 15,000 employees across six global divisions. Saba unifies every aspect of learning technology which will accelerate the engagement, development, and inspiration of our employees. The initiative will support the company...


Reduce risk and improve compliance

  • Create a single system of record for training and compliance needs across all units — Flight Ops, Ground Ops, MRO, Customer Service and Corporate
  • Replace islands — create a real-time view of compliance across employees, partners and contractors
  • Maintain a decade or more of training evidence for thousands of employees, accessible at the touch of a button
  • Track licenses and certifications across a gamut of complex regulatory requirements, business units, job roles and aircraft

Increase safety and operational efficiency

  • Absorb new aircraft and technologies faster across all business units
  • Roll out new SOPs — for improved fuel efficiency, for reducing environmental impact — faster than ever, across employees, partners and contractors
  • Align training processes more closely to the company’s flight-safety management systems
  • Design and deliver critical or preventive training rapidly, and globally, as gaps are identified

Improve Customer Service, Create Brand Alignment

  • Create alignment to corporate objectives; communicate, track, and measure customer service goals and core brand values
  • Use social recognition and gamification to drive great customer experiences in real time without waiting for annual review cycles
  • Respond faster and more accurately with embedded knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Crowdsource innovative solutions

Reduce Costs, Improve Training Effectiveness

  • Move toward Evidence-Based Training methodologies with observation checklists and on-the-job training
  • Identify weaknesses and training gaps in real-world situations to create general and personalized learning plans
  • Use blended programs, virtual classes, videos and simulations to improve training effectiveness and reduce classroom time
  • Deliver training to your employees’ mobile devices without taking them off the duty roster; reduce cost of training and improve work-life balance

Engage employees, increase productivity

  • Engage employees, track aspirations, drive employee development with personalized plans and intelligent mentoring
  • Measure and reward employee contributions
  • Create consistent and transparent review processes across newly merged organizations
  • Increase visibility to and alignment with corporate objectives
  • Tap collective knowledge and sharing to drive innovative solutions and increase productivity

Identify and nurture top talent

  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd to identify your top performers
  • Let TIM (The Intelligent Mentor) help you discover your leaders
  • Build dynamic succession plans for your key talent
  • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
  • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans