Saba Me:Time

Deliver a Highly Personalized, Engaging Learning Experience With Saba Me:Time

Every person has diverse goals, interests and preferences. And we expect our technology and experiences to reflect this reality. Introducing Saba me:time – the just-for-me learning experience. Designed to help talent leaders meet the unique requirements of today's learners, Saba me:time offers a highly personalized, engaging learning experience guided by the interests, preferences and aspirations of every person – at scale.

This video demonstrates how Saba me:time can complement your learning strategy, so your people can grow based on individual preferences while contributing to organizational outcomes. me:time uses machine learning and AI to provide content suggestions based on the learner's individual interests, skills and learning preferences. Explore me:time to discover how learning content is shared and viewed among learners, and available program insights that administrators and managers need to determine the content that employees love and the business needs.

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