Quellen Kundenstudien Saba Supports Learning and Performance for Olin Corporation


Saba Supports Learning and Performance for Olin Corporation

When Olin Corporation expanded globally, Saba Cloud was there to support the transition with learning and performance management.

When Olin Corporation transitioned from a North American company to a full-fledged global organization following an acquisition, Saba Cloud was there to help. The company expanded to more than 100 countries and added 15 languages that needed to be supported on the learning management system.

Prior to the acquisition, Olin partnered with Saba to add performance management to its offerings for employees. And later, the company added compensation planning. Integrating the different parts of Saba Cloud was a plus for Olin as they moved seamlessly between Saba Performance, Learning and Compensation.

Leaders at Olin report that their employees are responding well to performance feedback which points them to what they can do to learn and excel in their roles. As Lisa Barnette, Regional Human Resources Manager, says, "Saba is the tool that enables us to document what we've kind of been doing all along and have our process really mirror the reality."

"We are operating around the world. And the Saba platform being available all the time is a real advantage."
— Olin Corporation


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