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Becoming an employer of choice with talent management technology

Campus Management Corporation, a provider of administrative and e-learning software and services for post-secondary educational institutions, historic foundations and human services organizations, is using Halogen Performance™ and Halogen Compensation™ to:

  • Dramatically improve its overall appraisal completion rates;
  • Tightly integrate compensation with the existing payroll system;
  • Efficiently integrate and track compensation programs;
  • Reduce year-over-year turnover, increase promotions of high performers; and
  • Position the company as an employer of choice.


Campus Management Corporation has been helping post-secondary educational institutions, and a range of historic foundations and human services organizations drive institutional excellence. The company's administrative solutions run 1000 campuses worldwide, help hundreds of non-profits to raise money and manage alumni and donors, and serve the needs of 600 000 students. Supporting an estimated 23 000 end-users, Campus Management is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It also has a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, and sales and service sites across the United States.


As a technology-driven organization, Campus Management Corporation wanted to move its performance appraisal and compensation management programs to an automated system. The company evaluated employee performance and set goals on an annual basis to coincide with its fiscal year end. Compensation, including individual merit increases and bonuses, were tied directly to the annual performance appraisal process. As such, Campus Management required a solution for managing employee performance and compensation that could work directly with the company's existing payroll system.

"We needed a system that was much more efficient when it came to compensation changes, rather than us having to go in manually and make 250-plus individual adjustments each performance cycle," said Kathleen Bocek, Vice President of Human Resources. "It was essential that the solution integrate seamlessly with our payroll system so that managers could assign and approve compensation changes easily."

Campus Management also wanted to improve its overall appraisal completion rates. "We needed the process to be easier, as our on-time completion rate was not strong, and had dropped year-over-year," said Bocek. "We knew it would improve if employees found the system user-friendly, and if managers could complete performance appraisal forms anytime, anywhere - from their homes or in a hotel room."


In sourcing a solution, Bocek - along with a committee from Campus Management's IT and accounting departments - reviewed offerings from numerous vendors. "What tipped the scales in Halogen's favor were its strong references. They spoke volumes about Halogen being user-friendly, easy to implement and cost effective," said Bocek. "After seeing several demos it was clear that only Halogen did everything we wanted. Most importantly, our IT representative felt that Halogen would be very easy to integrate with the rest of our technology systems, including payroll."

After selecting Halogen Performance and Halogen Compensation, Campus Management went through a brief implementation process and had the system rolled out to the company in under a month. Campus Management chose to have Halogen Software fully host the solution, so the company would not have to invest significant IT time or resources in setting up the system themselves. "As a technology provider, we understand the benefits of a hosted solution and we found them to hold true with Halogen," said Bocek.


With Halogen Performance, Campus Management dramatically increased its appraisal completion rate almost immediately. "It was very easy to learn and set up. The very day we rolled out Halogen Performance, we had people completing their self-assessments. Even better, by the end of the review process a month later we had 100 percent of staff having received documented, constructive feedback with development plans and goals for the coming year - more than 250 employees!"

Managers also began using the anytime, anywhere access to files. "Managers really enjoy doing the reviews online. The new system enables them to check the status of reviews and make updates at any time. They love being able to have instant real-time insight into the process," said Bocek. "It also takes the administrative burden off HR, because all employee performance information is now at the individual's fingertips. They no longer have to go to HR for the information to confirm, for example, that a customer letter got into an employee file."

Campus Management is also seeing benefit from its new compensation system. "Now everyone is getting their merit increases and bonuses on time," said Bocek. "Next, we plan to use the system to help us better manage our compensation budgets. As opposed to the old paper-based process, we will be able to run reports to track how managers are spending against their compensation budgets."

Campus Management is so pleased with the Halogen system that it is planning to add new modules. The company believes the technology is helping them to implement best practices in HR and position themselves as an employer of choice. "I firmly believe that our employee performance and talent management system improves our employee retention. Our turnover on a year-by-year basis is tracking lower with the new system than with our old process, and we have had more promotions of people who have been identified as high performers. I attribute that to the feedback employees now get on their performance," said Bocek. "This is a direct cost benefit to the organization and better positions us for the future. My advice to anyone thinking about implementing a new employee performance and talent management system is to follow the same path we have."

"Managers really enjoy doing the reviews online. The new system enables them to check the status of reviews and make updates at any time. They love being able to have instant, real-time insight into the process."
— Campus Management Corporation



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