Whitepaper - Leveraging Collaborative Technology to Drive Effective Talent Management

Talent teams working to attract, engage, and retain employees know that the speed and global nature of business is causing a variety of challenges.  Whether working to enable greater connectivity across teams, more agility in learning, better hiring decisions, or greater reach across candidates, partners, and customers – social and real-time collaborative technologies are becoming a critical component of any talent management strategy that must be explored.  However, in many cases, these technologies can exacerbate problems in keeping up with the speed of business, and be a major source of employee disengagement.


Download this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Key challenges and pitfalls with collaborative technologies
  • How social and real time collaboration can help (or hinder) your talent management strategy
  • Use cases across recruiting, learning, performance, succession, and compensation in which collaboration can play a foundational role
  • Best practices in leveraging collaborative technologies to drive employee engagement and growth exponentially