Datenblatt - Performance@Work (Deutsch)

Im heutigen Geschäftsumfeld benötigt Ihr Unternehmen von seinen Mitarbeitern jeden Tag die besten Leistungen. Saba Performance@Work bietet mehr als nur die Automatisierung von Beurteilungen und Zielplanung: Ihre Mitarbeiter erhalten damit einen echten Einblick in den Geschäftsplan und den Beitrag, den sie zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung leisten.

Align, Appraise, and Accelerate Performance

To elevate employee performance and engagement every day, Saba Performance goes beyond traditional performance management to help your team find experts, share new ideas, collaborate on projects, and celebrate success with innovative social and collaboration tools.

Saba’s comprehensive goal management capabilities make it
a snap to assign goals and align them to corporate objectives.
Our flexible performance reviews are easily configured to fit your review cycle and allow for multiple reviewers, calibration, and even social recognition, which means you’ll have no trouble accurately measuring performance, identifying areas for improvement and creating development plans. Goals can be managed and tracked throughout the review cycle, which eliminates surprises and removes subjectivity. This makes the annual performance review process easier and less of a chore for everyone.