Fallstudie - VisitScotland


VisitScotland, Scotland’s National Tourism organization, supports the development of the tourism industry in Scotland and markets the country as a quality destination. The network of 15 local offices covers a large geographic area, as do the VisitScotland Information Centers, numbering over a hundred sites. Learn how VisitScotland used Saba to support their new organizational development strategy, including 360-degree assessments and plans for organizational growth.

Die Herausforderung

The HR team wanted to build a leadership competency model that they could use for designing organizational structure. They also wanted to improve their workforce analytics, such as headcount, full-time employment, and salary relativity. They wanted a database to generate information on over 1,000 staff for workforce enquiry analysis, enabling access to an up-to-date picture of the organization.


  • Changes the focus of HR, from being administrative to being more strategic and consultative by placing key data in one place and providing built-in workflows to ensure that processes are followed to record information in a consistent way
  • Saved significant time in producing accurate headcounts for the organization, reducing organizational planning time by more up to four staff days per month
  • Enables senior staff to produce reports for their board to look at succession plans, gaps, and potential replacements