Fallstudie - Shun Feng Express


SF Express recognized that they required a modern, scientific, proven people management approach to standardize and support their existing training system. Learn how they used Saba to organize training and personnel development — enabling talent to be easily and effectively identified, selected, and trained.

Die Herausforderung

SF Express wanted to create a blended learning system, with all learning and development activities managed and tracked through a single, online
solution. They required a better way to identify, develop, and groom talented professionals and the managers and top executives who could lead the
company into the future.


  • Create a personalized web portal for each employee, offering staff members an easily accessible, self-service platform for learning and development
  • Enable a HR database that enables quick and easy access to staff information that is used to identify the most promising staff members for recruitment or promotion
  • Stimulates staff members to be proactive with their learning, speeding up the process of acquiring the knowledge and expertise the company desires
  • Enables SF Express to keep pace with its accelerating growth by finding and retaining the skilled professionals it needs to run the business