Your Guide to Transforming the Candidate Experience

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Your Guide to Transforming the Candidate Experience

Because the best talent strategies start with talent acquisition

As talent shortages loom and global skilled labor markets remain competitive, the need for an engaging and personalized candidate experience has never been more important as organizations look for ways to break through the noise to attract and retain the best talent.

And hiring managers, HR leaders and recruiters alike know that the best candidate experience always keeps the prospective employee at the forefront, with a simplified, intuitive and results-oriented approach for everyone involved. Yet many organizations fall short delivering this key proficiency. In fact, Brandon Hall Group's 2018 Candidate Experience Survey shows that while 73 percent of organizations realize that candidate experience is essential, slightly less than half (48 percent) believe their practices are effective.

So how can organizations put their best foot forward with an engaging candidate experience?

Use the expert resources in this series to improve an existing talent recruitment strategy – or create and implement a new one. Improve your employer brand with enhanced candidate relationship management and smoother recruiting and onboarding processes.

Watch this short video to learn more about the expert strategies, tips and tools this series offers:


Check out these webinars to discover the research-backed fundamentals of an exceptional candidate experience and get practical takeaways you can use at your organization right away.

How to Deliver a Market-Leading Candidate Experience
Drawing on the latest research and industry-leading theories, this webinar explores how a positive candidate experience impacts the employee value proposition (EVP) and the entire organization.

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 at 1 p.m. ET


Building a Brilliant Recruitment Experience
Learn to think like a candidate in this webinar that provides a deep dive into actionable steps all organizations need to take to appeal to job seekers.


eBooks, Whitepapers and Industry Research

Read about the latest advancements in recruiting strategies and technologies in these hand-picked resources. Use them to jumpstart your candidate experience today!

The Definitive Handbook for Creating Exceptional Experiences at Work
See how talent recruitment plays into the larger employee experience, and get expert tips from across the globe for improving both at your organization.


5 Effective Steps for Managing Your Recruitment Channels
Get started with a better candidate experience today. Read this eBook to learn about the five steps for more effectively managing your recruiting channels.


Bonus expert content

Enjoy anytime access to this curated collection of expert articles – packed with tips, tools and real-world examples – so you can learn on your schedule! Get the support and guidance you need to take your organization's candidate experience to the next level.

Candidate Experience is a Popular Term
Brandon Hall Group's research shows when asked about candidate experience practices, only 26% of organizations rated themselves as "very effective". What are some opportunities for improving?

Read More

How to Create a Real Relationship With Your Candidates
Build a real relationship between your candidates and your organization by looking at your talent acquisition processes from your candidates' point of view.

Read More

Candidate Experience Management: Attract the People and Skills You Seek
First impressions are everything! Discover real-life, practical tips for making recruitment and onboarding seamless from the candidate's perspective.

Read More

Conversation with candidate experience experts

Does the candidate experience even matter? Check out this episode of the HCMx Radio podcast to explore the connection between candidate experience and employer brand, as well as some of the consequences of a poor experience. Gain insights from:

  • Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management, Brandon Hall Group
  • Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group
  • Nick Hutchinson, Head of Solution Consulting for Talent Acquisition, Saba Software

Cliff, Rachel and Nick discuss why the candidate experience is important and share real-world strategies for how to successfully measure it, improve it, and demonstrate its value. Listen to the podcast episode below.

Discover, Attract and Onboard the Best People With Saba

See how Saba can help you make the candidate experience part of your success story.

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Cover of the book
Cover of the book

Discover, Attract and Onboard the Best People With Saba

See how Saba can help you make the candidate experience part of your success story.

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