Collaborative and Social Learning

Whether you want to enhance existing training with greater interaction or create vibrant learning communities, Saba Cloud has a comprehensive set of collaborative and social learning tools to engage your learners.


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Communities provide a place to share and discuss materials in just about any form such as documents, links, and videos. Whether in conjunction with an existing course or just a shared practice or interest, these groups provide your learners with one place to find resources, ask questions, and learn from each other.


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Active learning communities will generate a lot of good content, but important information may become hard to find, as new items take the top spot on the activity stream. To ensure everyone has quick access to what they need, group owners can use Workspaces to curate and promote content. Workspaces are also used to publish instructions, procedures, rosters, and other reference materials.

Blended Learning

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Building blended programs is a snap with Learning@Work. Combining different modes of delivery, formal and informal content with social groups and workspaces appeals to different learning styles, resulting in better learning outcomes.


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Groups and discussions will surface numerous great ideas and hidden issues. Voting lets everyone weigh in helping you prioritize which ones to focus on.


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Saba Meetings provide real-time interaction with internet voice and video as well as screen sharing. The meetings show up in the activity feed and automatically turn into a recording afterwards, so those who missed can watch at their convenience. You can also use Saba Meeting to record a “how-to” demonstration – either screen sharing or video, so others can view it on-demand.


Vibrant learning communities create a wealth of content, too much for anyone person to track and process. TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, not only tracks all activity and follows each and every person, but he also knows what’s most valued. With this information, he delivers recommendations of content, courses and connections that are specific and relevant to each person.


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Not only can you create videos and screen recordings with Saba Meeting, you can also share online videos such as those posted on YouTube and Vimeo. Video Channels let you organize videos and screen recordings around topics.


Just about every Saba Cloud feature is available through Saba’s Apple and Android mobile apps, enabling just-in-time learning. Anytime, anywhere, your learners can browse and search groups and discussions, review documents, watch recordings and complete their eLearning. And if they can’t find what they need, they can always crowd source their question.

Social Analytics

Saba Cloud tracks all activity, including contributions, comments, as well as likes and ratings. Built-in reports let community managers track learner engagement, which can be critical in some communities like onboarding. The Saba report writer lets you combine metrics so you can see how group participation effects learning and performance. 


Dynamic Network Analysis or DNA shows who the key contributors are and how information flows through your company.


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