Create a Platform for Training the Entire Value Chain to Achieve Greater Business Performance and Returns

In today's networked economy, organizations are finding that by effectively engaging and training their extended enterprise of channel partners, franchisees and resellers, they can develop new profit centers and increase revenue and customer satisfaction scores.

Why Care About Extended-Enterprise Learning?

Companies are realizing that educating just their employees is not enough. Many companies rely on an extended enterprise that could include channel partners, franchisees and resellers to sell their product and services and to deliver on their brand promise. If the channel is not continuously trained, there is great impact on revenue and competitiveness.

Mission-critical business problems solved by companies using EEL include:

  • Optimizing channel performance and engagement to drive revenues
  • Turning learning into a profit center by offering fee-based training and accreditation programs
  • Achieving greater customer service reach and excellence by enabling more services partners
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance across the entire value chain to reduce business risk

Download our whitepaper Increase Revenues and Margins With Effective Extended-Enterprise Learning to learn how companies that have embarked on the journey of continuous EEL have realized a wide array of benefits, including strategic impact on revenues, customer satisfaction and margins.