White paper - Your Guide to Selecting the Right Talent Management System

According to the latest survey from Brandon Hall, nearly half of organizations are not fully satisfied with their Talent Management System (TMS), and 28% are actively considering switching to a different system. This selection process and transition is met with a mixture of dread and optimism. Every organization has unique needs and requirements. It is understanding those needs fully that allows the selection process to flow smoothly, as each decision and conversation will be centered around how the technology can support the goals of the business. Organizations question if they can make a solid business case for the change. Will the transition impact business processes or mission critical talent needs? What additional synergies a modern talent management suite can provide, and how to evaluate the vendors?

 If your organization is considering to select a modern Talent Management System, then this paper will help you. This Brandon Hall Group report, reviews the key practices in helping organizations make the right selection decision and have a positive experience during the process.