Webinar sob demanda - 5 Mission-Critical Steps to Launching Your Extended Enterprise Program

If you're interested in improving the capabilities of your partners, you can't afford to miss this webinar.

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Companies are quickly realizing their business results are impacted not only by their own employees, but also by those who work at their resellers, franchisees, and other channel partners. Consequently, their corporate learning programs must extend past their workforce, too. Extended Enterprise is a new frontier for many L&D professionals, and it comes with new challenges as well as promises.

In this 30-minute TIM Talk, John Leh, CEO and lead analyst at Talented Learning, will discuss what's driving the growing demand for partner training and how you can sidestep potential obstacles when launching your Extended Enterprise program. He will identify the five mission-critical steps you need to take when launching your Extended Enterprise program:

  • Evaluating your current LMS
  • Identifying your Extended Enterprise audience
  • Documenting current efforts and cost
  • Defining measurable impact areas
  • Building a business case for your Extended Enterprise