Estudo de caso - Schools of Isolated and Distance Education

Visão geral

The Department of Education’s School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) in Western Australia has developed an advanced e-learning program that uses Saba Classroom , a real-time virtual learning environment, to enable the children of one of the world’s least densely populated regions to take interactive lessons and complete their education remotely.

Desafio de negócio

SIDE aimed to revolutionize their distance learning offerings, empowering teachers to provide engaging e-learning to Western Australian students located anywhere in the world.

Benefícios de negócio

  • Facilitate active learning with key values such as critical thinking, synthesizing ideas, and collaboration
  • Deliver richer, fully interactive educational experiences to students isolated by distance or circumstance
  • Provide students with virtual, face-to-face access to experts and luminaries around the globe
  • Enable teachers to tailor learning and differentiate exercises and activities according to individual student or group needs
  • Provide superior teacher training in remote locations
  • Support interactive oral examinations for students abroad