Estudo de caso - REED

Visão geral

Together with Saba, REED now has an integrated talent management solution for its business, enabling employees to take ownership of their performance, learning, and development.

Desafio de negócio

The recruitment agency operated out of 83 global offices and was focused on traditional classroom learning, managing and administering this training using a variety of spreadsheets. REED needed to deliver a much more flexible and agile digital learning experience for its employees so they could access learning at the point of need. The company also wanted to digitise and centralise its talent management practices by integrating performance management with learning and development.

Benefícios de negócio

  • Streamline and simplify classroom-based learning management
  • Improve ability to track learner progress and document completed training
  • Automate scheduling of training courses to target learners based on their location and role
  • Boost employee performance through badge-based employee recognition
  • Transform the top-down training delivery approach to meet the needs of the modern learner
  • Tie learning to performance to drive better business performance