Estudo de caso - ConstructionSkills

Visão geral

ConstructionSkills is the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry, working to deliver a safe, professional, and fully qualified UK construction workforce. Learn how they have used Saba to enable organizational planning across the organization in one centralized platform.

Desafio de negócio

The organization itself has over 1,400 employees, based at over 15 different locations around the UK. Like many large organizations that are geographically spread, managing its own headcount and staff provides challenges for the HR managers and senior managers at


Benefícios de negócio

  • Saves managers time by providing easy to access details information on their department, headcount, holiday data, gaps, etc
  • Provides HR team with significant insight including details on employee diversity, direct and indirect reports, salaries, budget, and vacancies.
  • Presents organizational data in appealing and intuitive visuals
  • Enables the production of “what if” scenarios for succession planning, isolating potential risk areas for the organization