Saba Discovery

Learning Without Boundaries

With Saba Discovery, your employees can take advantage of the limitless learning available on the web, and L&D leaders can track and measure the effectiveness and impact of it all. With a simple browser-based bookmarklet, employees can easily discover, share and add informal learning to their plans. And with the xAPI-friendly learning record store (LRS) connected to Saba’s learning management system (LMS), L&D leaders can track and measure learning, no matter where it’s happening.

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When an employee comes across a video, article, or literally any available content or resource, they use the browser-based Saba Bookmarklet to save, curate or add to their learning plans.


All informal resources can be organized, shared, ranked, rated and followed by an individual, a team or the entire enterprise, right from within the Saba Learning platform.


All your learning data, all in one place. With the xAPI ready learning record store (LRS), Saba Discovery tracks the learning resources that users are finding and sharing, anywhere and in any format.


All learning activities, whether employer-directed or self-directed, are accessible through Saba Analytics. Out-of-the-box dashboards make it easy to report on and analyze all learning happening across the organization to measure the effectiveness and impact of the investment you’re making.

Browser-based Bookmarklet

Facilitate Informal Learning


Modern learning needs to enable your learners to explore beyond your LMS, while still supporting the needs of your organization. Saba Discovery frees your people to roam and learn with the browser-based bookmarklet, sending that information back to the Learning Record Store (LRS) within your Saba platform. The Saba Bookmarklet available with Saba Discovery lives on your users’ browser toolbar, and with a quick click, brings all of the valuable learning and resources they’re discovering into the Saba platform. Employees get credit for their self-sourced education and you can see where people are finding useful information. When employees find a resource they want to track or share, they click the Saba Bookmarklet widget from their browser and choose to share, save for later, add to collection, or mark complete. The Saba Bookmarklet also creates an entry in the learning record store (LRS).

Learning Record Store (LRS)

Centralize Organizational Learning

Once the informal learning activity is saved to the LRS, it becomes part of the employee’s recorded learning history and social activity stream, alongside the activity statements from xAPI-enabled content and your formal learning record activity. In one place the LRS lets you seamlessly track and report on all learning happening across your organization, both formal and informal. This simplifies your management and reporting of all learning activity, from Tin Can, AICC, and SCORM content, to courses, classes, articles, videos, blogs and more.

Real-Time Learning Dashboards

See the Big Picture with Insight and Analytics


With all learning activities—whether employer-directed or self-directed—stored in the LRS, business leaders have access to a wealth of data. With Saba Analytics, you can make sense of all this data to identify trends and prove the business impact of employee learning and development. Dozens of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards help you stay on top of key learning metrics, and the easy drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create custom reports that analyze all of the learning happening across your organization. You can even drill down on specific metrics to compare learning effectiveness across departments and geographies. With the powerful analytics capabilities included with Saba Discovery, you can finally see where learning and development is impacting performance within the same platform that houses all of your talent information.


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