World Series 2016: Celebrating Our Customers

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Culture

World Series 2016: Celebrating Our Customers

Let's get the first thing out of the way: How incredible was that World Series? With the Cubs coming back from a 3-1 series deficit, making it into extra innings in game 7, and celebrities coming out of the woodwork to support their favorite franchises, this World Series will be talked about for years to come.

Oh yeah, and the Cubbies ended a 108-year World Series drought.

Grand Slam: Building a World Series-worthy culture

What makes these two teams successful at what they do? A good portion of their success can be attributed to the cultures fostered by team management.

Skippers Terry Francona and Joe Maddon are widely admired around the league, and that's not even getting into the contributions of the other office personnel like trainers, equipment managers, groundskeepers, and yes, the players.

To make it to the World Series, you need to win on and off the field, and a winning culture is a huge part of that.

It's why the 2016 World Series was so exciting to be a part of. At Halogen, we did a lot these past two weeks to celebrate it. Why? Because both teams that played in this year's Fall Classic are Halogen Software customers.

Here's a look at how we celebrated our customers' success.

Team picture

Both teams' customer success managers, Erin and Jamie, work out of our Ottawa office, so the two of them posed for a group photo with all the baseball fans in the building to wish Chicago and Cleveland good luck.

Take me out to the ball game

We also sang the teams a little something.

Popcorn and cotton candy party

It wouldn't be a ball game without popcorn and cotton candy, so we threw a baseball party in our office lobby with both snacks made fresh in mass quantities. What a great way to spend a Friday leading up to game three!

Speaking of ballpark food...

Both Wrigleyville and Progressive Field are known for their signature hot dogs. We recreated the recipes here in our office and had the teams' customer success managers, Erin and Jamie, take these unique dogs for a spin.

The Chicago Cubs-themed dog was topped with pickles, onions, tomatoes, mustard, relish, and ketchup. Not bad!

The Cleveland-themed dog was a little more...eclectic. Its signature toppings are mac n' cheese, bacon bits, and...Froot Loops. Yeah, Froot Loops.

Happy Halloween, but not to you Steve Bartman

It was almost too lucky that Halloween fell in the midst of the Fall Classic.

As part of a charitable fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, we auctioned off Halogen leaders to be dressed up as whatever the purchaser desired.

The result: noted Cubs fan Rick Hiladie forced to dress as cinematic Cleveland legend Ricky Vaughn from Major League. What's worse? He was forced to spend his day with Steve Bartman.

(Want to see more Halogen team shenanigans? Follow our Instagram page!)

Celebrating our customers - a part of Halogen's culture

The 10 days since the World Series have been incredibly fun to be a part of, and having fun at work is an integral part of Halogen's corporate culture. What made the World Series special though is it provided the opportunity to have fun with a purpose - celebrating the success of our customers.

To the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians - you delivered a well-played World Series. Both your teams showed an incredible ability to build best-in-class cultures, exhibited thoughtful leadership, and demonstrated your ability to win with talent.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on the big win, and thank you to Cleveland for putting on a great series.

See you next season!

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