Why You Should Make Performance Management an On-Going Practice

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Performance Management

Why You Should Make Performance Management an On-Going Practice

Ah, the most un-wonderful time of the year (excluding tax-filing time) - the dreaded annual employee review. Despised and avoided by many, the employee appraisal process is often viewed as mandatory yearly assault that delivers little or no value.

In fact, some would say that that the negative outweighs the positive in terms of frustration, stress and diminished morale (Hey, I deserve a higher rating than that!)

Maybe it is worse than tax time.

How do you eliminate dread and drudgery of annual employee reviews and turn them into something welcome and valuable?

Change Your Organization's Approach to Appraisals

The first step is recognizing that performance management is an ongoing practice, not a once a year task. This approach ensures employees get the continual direction, feedback and development they need to continuously improve and succeed.

Ultimately, your organization's performance management process should help your employees develop and sustain high performance- all year long.

Which means the annual performance review should be exactly that - a review of the performance feedback you've already provided your employees.

Naturally, getting your managers and employees onboard and fully engaged in ongoing performance management discussions is critical to the effectiveness of your performance management program as a whole.

So why not make it easy for them?

How to Get Your Managers and Employees Onboard

Ensure your performance management process, forms, training and tools are designed to:

  • Help employees achieve their goals and develop the competencies they and the organization need for continued success.
  • Provide managers the coaching resources they need to guide their employees, develop them and foster high performance. Here are 5 ways to get managers on board with talent management.

If you want to take your performance management process to the next level - and truly demonstrate how it is driving results for your organization - don't wait until the annual performance review season to get your managers and employees thinking about performance.

Make performance management an ongoing practice, not a once a year task.

For some great resources on how to make performance management an ongoing practice in your organization, start with the Performance Management Center of Excellence.

The center is a veritable best-practices buffet of expert articles, white papers, archived webinars and case studies that cover the how and why of implementing an effective employee performance management system.

Visit the Performance Management Center of Excellence today - and give tax time its rightful moniker as the most un-wonderful time of the year.

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