Why Making Hiring a Priority Should Be Everyone's Priority

Guest Contributorby Dominique Jones | Posted | Leadership

Why Making Hiring a Priority Should Be Everyone\'s Priority

Quite often I hear people say it's hard to connect HR-related activities to the bottom line. That HR-related activities have more of an intangible impact and are therefore harder to measure.


The biggest impact on a company's success is the people that work there. So hiring the right people, and making that a priority, has a direct impact on the bottom line.

You might think HR alone owns this activity. Wrong again.

Challenge your leaders to make hiring a priority

We recently challenged our leaders to make hiring a priority and you should see the difference this shift in thinking has made in just a few weeks!

Yes, your recruiting team has to source candidates and qualify them for positions, and that's a tough job.

However, it's a job made even tougher when your recruiters need to spend a lot of their time chasing managers to commit to interviews, to review resumes and provide timely feedback on candidates. Oh and your recruiters also need to manage candidate expectations during a long, and unnecessarily drawn out interview process.

Quite the juggling act.

Instead of a ‘getting to it later' mindset, and giving internal meetings priority over interview slots, managers need to make the candidate experience a priority.

Because you risk losing great talent by not moving quickly in making a hiring decision.

And...having an open position or two (or ten!) directly impacts your business area's success. There's work not being done and employees aren't likely as productive as they could be because they're trying to do their job while filling the shoes of another.

Improve the candidate experience

We've been very clear with our leaders: make hiring your top priority. We've even written it into our company's key KPIs for 2014. In a few short weeks we've seen a huge shift; from reactivity to proactivity; from chasing managers to having them follow up daily with us, without prompting.

And, even better, our candidate experience is improving significantly because leaders are quick to follow up and we're able to keep the process moving at a great pace. 

It by no means undermines the value of our recruiting team. What it does is increase the partnership between the recruiting team and the business. Everyone is clearly moving towards the same end-goal - building a world-class workforce - and that feels great.

Your turn: Do you agree that managers need to make hiring a priority? How do you help managers understand the importance of providing a great candidate experience?

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