What Would Your Relevant Resume Look Like?

by Tim Sackett | Posted | Career Management

What Would Your Relevant Resume Look Like?

The employment world can be a tough place. Everyone is constantly looking for an angle to set them apart from their peer group within their market, their industry and their profession. Amongst all the things you would never want to highlight would be your career and life low-lights!

Then along comes a company to help you do just that!

There is a new service out there called Relevant Resume. It’s basically advocating that you can set yourself apart from your competition by being totally transparent in letting potential employers know all those things you would never want others to know.

Imagine your resume being a ‘highlight’ of the worst things you’ve ever done, your failures, the references from the boss who hated you, etc.?

Doesn’t that sound like something that would really get you hired!? Uh-huh.

The ugly truth about relevant resumes

The creators of Relevant Resume feel we’ve reached a time where this is exactly what is needed to set you, the job candidate, apart. Traditional resumes are trumped up pieces of paper that make you appear to be more than you are.

What companies really want, they argue, is to hear who you really are. All of who you really are!

It’s a cute concept. Turn your ‘weaknesses’ into strengths.

“Oh, you aren’t good with details!?!”

“Yeah, but that’s because I’m a big picture leader who doesn’t like to get caught up in the details that take me away from the larger issues at play. Plus, I surround myself with detail oriented people because I know details aren’t my thing, but they are important!”

See what I did there? I took a weakness and turned it into a strength. That’s basically the concept of the Relevant Resume. Employers will be more attracted to someone who has high self-insight and is willing to reveal the ugly truth of their failures.

Again, it’s a concept, not reality.

Reality check – demonstrate to employers that you’re the right fit not the wrong fit

Candidates would be foolish to deliver a ‘relevant’ resume to an employer. Recruiters and hiring managers are already look for every reason that you’re not the right fit; why would you want to give them more ammunition?

Now you want to tell them you struggle to finish projects because your true passion is getting things started, but you lack the fortitude to get the project over the finish line when the real work starts?

I don’t think so. You would find your Relevant Resume in the ‘Dear John’ pile every single time.

Yes, employers want candidates who are self-aware, but there are so many ways to measure that trait (e.g. through assessments and structured interviews). What employers don’t need to know (in detail!) is each person’s flaws.

We don’t hire a candidate based on her low points; we hire a candidate based on her potential.

I want to know how great candidates can be at their best. We all have times when we are not at our best, but I don’t want to hire based on that. I would rather assume those candidates I hire will have way more good days than bad!

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Do You Have a Career Plan?

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