Webinar: This Ain't Your Momma's Succession Program

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Webinar: This Ain't Your Momma's Succession Program

This guest post features Sue McNab, Chief People Services Officer at PEMCO Mutual Insurance. On November 6th, Sue and her colleagues will be leading an HR.com sponsored webinar on PEMCO's succession planning strategy.

We asked Sue to share in a few words what attendees can learn from this webinar, including how and why her organization created a succession planning program centered on self-led employee development.

At PEMCO our customers come first. We serve Northwest residents and pride ourselves on being a different mutual company, one that serves the needs of customers at a world-class level with a regional flavor unique to the Pacific Northwest.

We are extremely aligned to this mission and our talent programs reflect this.

Here's a short video that reflects corporate culture at PEMCO, and how we set ourselves apart by hiring people who are passionate about serving customers and their community:

Like many organizations we face fierce competition for top skilled talent and aside from the need to attract people, keeping existing employees challenged is always top-of-mind for us. For this reason we want to reframe how employees think about their careers at PEMCO and have developed a comprehensive talent strategy that reflects this goal.

Part of that strategy includes moving away from a paternalistic "tap on the shoulder" talent management culture to one that is more self-directed and employee driven.

To this point, in 2011 we significantly overhauled our approach to succession planning to ensure PEMCO has the talent and bench strength to stay competitive today, tomorrow and well into the future. What emerged is a refreshing take on succession planning that is far removed from the conventional secret room with "the names" on the wall.

On November 6th my colleague Patricia Hitch and I will share PEMCO's unique succession-planning journey - and the role that Halogen's talent management solutions have played. We'll discuss how creating a self-led employee development program at PEMCO has shaped a succession planning approach that ensures we have an agile, highly engaged workforce focused on their future.

Webinar details

Presenters - PEMCO Mutual Insurance:

  • Sue McNab, Chief People Services Officer
  • Patricia Hitch, Senior Organizational Development Consultant

Date: November 6, 2012

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

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What you'll learn

In this session, Patricia and I will discuss how PEMCO overcame the challenges of horizontal invisibility, executive resistance and change management by leveraging:

  • the flexibility of talent pools and the latest succession technology
  • a bottom-up approach of voluntary employee participation
  • a robust talent framework that now includes 14 talent pools
  • ongoing self-driven development

I hope you'll join us for this November 6th webinar as we share how implementing a world-class talent development program in support of PEMCO's overall talent strategy ensures we continue to meet the career goals of our employees and the insurance needs of our customers.

About Sue McNab and PEMCO Mutual Insurance

Sue McNab is Vice President and Chief People Services Officer for PEMCO Mutual Insurance. In her executive role, she leads Human Resources, Learning & Organizational Development, Community Relations and Enterprise Services. With over 30 years' experience in strategic HR, Sue has served as an officer at global Fortune 500 companies as well as successful startups.

Headquartered in Seattle, PEMCO Mutual Insurance is a mid-sized company of about 700 employees serving the northwestern United States. It has a rich 63-year history with roots in the public educator market, which is still one of its largest segments of policyholders today.Twitter: @PEMCO

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