Webinar: The Key to Employee Engagement

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Webinar: The Key to Employee Engagement

We’re pleased to have Sandra Wiley, COO and Shareholder of Boomer Consulting Inc., provide a guest post on the keys to employee engagement. Sandra will also be leading a webinar on March 6th related to this topic.

As leaders throughout the country look for ways to ensure employee engagement and motivation, they are frustrated when they hear reports that the only answer is increasing their employees’ compensation.

Compensation is certainly a short term motivator, but ultimately, employees look for an employer and a position within an organization where their values are met, core skills are utilized and work tasks align with personal interests.

Compensation does help attract and even retain employees but “sustainable engagement” requires much more than money.

Sustainable engagement is a combination of:

  • Traditional engagement–employees’ willingness to expend discretionary effort.
  • Enablement–the tools, resources and support employees need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Energy–a work environment that supports employee well-being.

Although employee engagement is recognized as being essential to retaining talent, many organizations continue to struggle with implementing strategies that will drive engagement.

On March 6th I’ll be leading a webinar where I discuss how to use multirater feedback and assessment systems to build a more engaged culture in your organization.

You’ll also hear from Jessica Utley, Director of Human Resources, Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain, PC, as she discusses her firm’s real-life experiences using multirater assessment and feedback.

Webinar details

Presenters: Sandra Wiley, Chief Operating Officer, Boomer Consulting Inc. and Jessica Utley, Director of Human Resources, Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain, PC

Date and Time: March 6, 2013 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET

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Making engagement sustainable

Sustainable engagement is an important evolution in the science of workforce behavior. It recognizes that employees need support from their employer to continue to give discretionary effort on the job.

Unfortunately, employees are not getting the level of support they need. Enablement and energy are critical factors in this equation. Engagement will only hold over time with these elements in place.

Think about your organization. How much time are you spending as a leadership group working on understanding what truly motivates your employees? If you think you have the answer on what motivates your employees? You might be surprised if you ask your team what they think.

Understanding engagement gaps

Identifying the gaps that exist between what leadership is thinking and what the staff is thinking and then building goals that will narrow the gap will increase the trust in your organization. And when trust increases, so does engagement!

It is everyone’s role in the organization to help close the gaps in employee’s feelings of enablement and energy – from executives to managers, to administration – they should all be included.

One of the most effective ways to close this gap is by using a Multirater or 360 degree assessment system. These systems are perfect for measuring and dramatically improving employee engagement.

The point is, money is important but so are other factors

In March 2012, PsychTests.com, an online personality, career and IQ assessment company, released research on the top motivators for employees. The data collected between August 2011 and February 2012 revealed that out of a list of 23 work motivators, “financial reward” was ranked 12th.

For men, financial reward was eighth on the list; for women, 15th. Seventy percent of the 1,194 employees surveyed were from North America. Sixty-four percent of respondents were under the age of 30.

Interesting findings, indeed. The point is, money is important to driving engagement but not as important as you might at first think.

To really understand what motivates your employees I invite you to attend my March 6th webinar with Jessica Utley from Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain to learn about:

  • Company culture – building and shaping culture to ensure employee engagement
  • Multirater feedback – the strengths and challenges that should be considered
  • Team approach – the system itself is not enough, communication and teamwork are essential components
  • Real-life stories – the theory is good, but real-life examples are far more powerful

There isn’t another process that will improve the culture of communication and performance of your organization more than developing, launching and using a multirater feedback system. I hope you’ll join me on March 6th to learn more.

About Sandra Wiley

Sandra Wiley, COO and Shareholder, directs Boomer Consulting, Inc.‘s annual Talent Development Advantage and offers her services as co-director of the Performance3(TM) Academy Program as well as the CEO Advantage. Sandra is regularly invited to speak at national conferences where she empowers audiences with new ideas and a sense of humor.

Sandra is ranked by Accounting Today as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting as a result of her prominent role as an industry expert on HR and training as well as influence as a management and planning consultant. Follow Sandra on Twitter.

Webinar: Multirater feedback and assessment systems: the key to a more engaged culture


Webinar: Multirater feedback and assessment systems: the key to a more engaged culture


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